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Pro Episode # 34 – Voodoo Floss Primer: Elbow Part 2.

Hey Legion, Today’s episode is part 2 in our series about taking care of that hot elbow with the incredibly effective and ridiculously simple technique of Voodoo Flossing. In this episode, Jami Tikkannen of and I demonstrate how to incorporate some of our band distraction techniques and other ideas for self treatment whilst under […]

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Pro Episode # 32 – VooDoo Floss Series #1, Theory and Elbow

Hey Legion, Many of you are familiar with our Voodoo Floss techniques for managing some of those ugly, tacked down areas of your leopard selves. Some of you have requested that we post a more in depth series about how we actually use these miracle bands. Today’s episode describes some the proposed mechanisms of the […]

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What Your Bent Elbows Really Mean: Elbow Pain and Instability

Hey Supple Leopards, Today’s mission is to explore the relationship of “bent elbows” and  shoulder instability.  When athletes are working overhead and missing full range, they will often bend their elbows in an attempt to buy their shoulders some capsular/positional slack.  The additional shoulder range created by bending the elbow and by extension, internally rotating […]