Diane Fu & Kelly Starrett - Universal Application or Sports Specific Movement Hack
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Universal Application or Sports Specific Movement Hack: The Shoulder | Pro Episode #84

We are regularly inundated with requests to comment on specific coaching cues that people witness coaches using. This is especially true in high end sport. Without devolving into a general diatribe about how the internet has even turned my mom into a dead-lifting technique snob/pundit, it is vital to frame every coaching cue you through […]

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From Pathology to Function in the Shoulder Part 3 | Pro Episode #83

In the last two pro-episodes, we’ve covered the need to optimize start and finish positioning as a baseline to creating normal function. Well you ask, “what about the middle?” As it turns out, the principles governing physiology also govern technique. Technique in fact, is the expression of physiology to solve a movement task. Usually, we […]

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Moving from Pathology to Function Part I: Shoulder Pain in Overhead Pressing | Pro Episode #81

Today’s episode highlights the critical need to be able to define and quickly assess movement problems. Our athlete is already well on her way by being able to assess her problem by being able to identify that her problem is related to a specific movement. This stands in sharp contrast to the typical self reporting […]