Back To The Barbell w/ Dr. Danny Matta

Cost: $97

If you've ever had a back injury you know how frustrating it can be. To make matters worse, 80-90% of people who hurt their back end up re-injuring it again.

This is what our Back to the Barbell Lower Back Plan is intended to fix. Get strength back in the right places, get mobility back in the right places and improve your movements over the course of 6 weeks. No guessing or wondering if you're doing the right thing. Use a tested and proven training program to regain back health and resiliency.

This structured program focuses on these key areas. 60 private videos go through all of the subtleties of the movements in this program so there's no guessing.

Anti-flexion- regain control so you don't round your spine unintentionally. Anti-extension-regain strength so you don't over arch your lower back unintentionally. Anti-rotation-this is rarely retrained and is a huge component of having a healthy spine. Regain control to stop rotation from happening when it shouldn't.

Mobility- programmed specific mobility for you. Get range of motion back in all the areas that are problem causers into this 6 weeks.

Movement improvement- The two movements we see most athletes continue to have problems with are the back squat and the deadlift. We take you through a structured rebuilding process for these two movements over the entire 6 weeks.

You only get one back! Put the work in to bulletproof your back and all other areas of your training with increase.

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Course Details

Equipment Needed

Access to any CrossFit style gym should have everything you will need.
Equipment used includes:
• Barbell
• Dumbbell
• Kettlebell
• Small size and medium size JumpStretch or Rogue Superband
• Padded Medball
• Bench
• Rower/Airdyne(optional)
• Lacrosse Ball or Tune Up Balls or Supernova or Gemini for self release techniques.


This course is currently taught in English.


I've had on and off lower back pain for about two years. I've seen chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists. It all helped for the short term but whenever I would get back into deadlifting, my back would always get hurt again. I got the back to the barbell program from MWOD and decided to give it 6 weeks and test out deadlifting again. The program was really well put together. I actually was weak in places I didn't even realize I could strengthen. After completing the program, I've deadlifted heavy, high volume and even some hang cleans with no pain. I still throw parts of the program in for my warm up as well. Great program, I would recommend anyone looking to resolve a back issue give it a shot.

-Bobby Mayr, Alpharetta, Georgia

I don't go to a CrossFit gym but I've been following Kelly Starrett for years, mainly to help with my golf game. When I saw there was a lower back specific program, I couldn't get it fast enough. I actually was very out of shape so I decided I would go through the program twice. I feel stronger, more flexibile and can do yard work for way longer without my back fatiguing. Thanks for putting this together, it's been a huge help.

-Glenn Olsen, Tampa, Florida

I hurt my back about 6 months picking up my daughter. She's about a year old and ever since I had her, I've felt unstable picking things up off the ground. This has made getting back into CrossFit really challenging. My husband saw this program and got it for me. We have a home gym so I was able to do everything in our garage. It wasn't too hard but I was shocked with how much more stable I felt picking my daughter up. I've also been able to get back into kettlebell swings and deadlifts. I'd recommend it to anyone dealing with a lingering back injury.

-Shantel Ortiz, San Antonio, Texas