Functional Yoga For Athletics

Cost: $349

Have you ever desired a yoga practice designed specifically for the culture of your gym? How about a yoga class that caters to athletes who are more interested in improving their squat than putting their foot behind their head? Or perhaps you just want to sleep better, breathe deeper, recover faster, and experience a greater sense of joy in your workouts; The Functional Yoga For Athletics Course is for you.

This in-person one-day seminar is for coaches and athletes who are interested in implementing a supplemental yoga practice to their fitness training. Participants will learn to practice and teach the most effective yoga techniques for enhanced performance, breathing, recovery, endurance, and mental toughness.

The structure of the day is a mix between practical application and lecture material on how to program yoga–in its most accessible–form to athletes. Course participants learn to apply yoga principles in training themselves and other athletes to increase flexibility, stability, strength, and balance; which will improve athletic performance.

The Functional Yoga Course is not your average yoga training. The material is designed by Coach Debbie Steingesser specifically for athletes and coaches to enhance your overall experience in the gym. There will be no chanting (unless Debbie gets carried away), vegans, or spirituality - just meat and sweet potatoes yoga for coaches and athletes.

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Course Details

Learning Objectives
  • How to practice and coach physical yoga sequences for warm up, cool down, and active recover.
  • Yoga breathing techniques to increase physical capacity, endurance and performance.
  • How to properly incorporate effective yoga routines into training and programming for all levels of athletes.
  • Basic meditation techniques to calm the body and focus the mind.
  • How to appropriately scale yoga movements in a Fitness setting.
  • Set up for restorative (supported) yoga poses using gym equipment to help aid physical recovery, sleep, and stress reduction.
  • Breakdown of specific yoga poses and when to use them in conjunction with common strength and conditioning movements.
  • How to use yoga techniques for mental and physical recovery from workouts.
  • Basic history, philosophy, and methodology of yoga.
  • How to structure a yoga class for athletes and implement yoga practices into your regular strength and conditioning programming.
Course Outline

Please arrive at 9:00am to check in.

  • 9:30am Opening comments and introductions
  • 10am Practical: Yoga warm-ups for athletes
  • 10:30am Lecture: Basic history, philosophy, and methodology of yoga
  • 11am Practical (Tell/Show/Do):
    1. Balancing/stabilizing poses
    2. Poses to increase flexibility/mobility/range of motion
    3. Active/passive inversions
  • 12pm Practical: fitness meets yoga.
  • 12:30pm lunch
  • 1:30pm Q&A session
  • 2pm Practical: Meditation techniques and breathing practices for mental toughness and increased physical capacity.
  • 2:30pm Lecture: How to structure a yoga class for athletes and implement yoga in your regular programming (9 days of yoga programming for athletes)
  • 3pm: Practical: Yoga cool downs for athletes/recovery/relaxation poses
  • 3:30pm Closing remarks/final Q&A

This is an in-person course.


This course is currently taught in English.

Recommended Supplemental Reading Material

Links to the Seminar Guide provided on course platform upon course registration.
You can find the manual under the additional references tab. Previewing videos available at

Recommended Items
  • Printed version of the registration receipt.
  • Government-issued photo id.
  • Snacks and Fluids, as well as a meal if you don’t plan to go off site during the lunch break.
  • Yoga/workout clothes and sneakers (There is one workout during the day and many practical yoga sessions).
  • A yoga mat (If you don’t have one, the gym floor will be sufficient to practice on).
  • Sweatshirt or light covering (Often the body drops in temperature during restorative yoga practice and it’s important to stay warm to ensure full relaxation).
  • Participants are welcome to bring notebooks, tablets and laptops, and they may take pictures.