The Healthy Shoulder Plan by Dr. Danny Matta

Cost: $97

Shoulder pain can be incredibly frustrating. If you have shoulder pain it can stop you from doing things like CrossFit, tennis, swimming and even picking your kids up.

The goal of the Healthy Shoulder Plan is to build rock solid strength and mobility in the shoulders. By optimizing the movement and strength of the shoulders, we can eliminate pain, breath long lasting plateaus and continue taking part in the activities we love to do outside the gym as well.

The Healthy Shoulder Plan is the only program available to use progressive Blood Flow Restriction work to build strength and joint health fast! Blood Flow Restriction training is a game changing strength and joint health technique that allows you to make true strength changes in as short as 3 weeks. This occurs because Blood Flow Restriction training has been shown in studies to create a 2-3 times greater Growth Hormone response than traditional heavy resistance training. There are over 200 studies showing the positive effects of Blood Flow Restriction training and the U.S. Army has over $26 million dollars in research going on right now looking at other applications of Blood Flow Restriction training. We teach you how to do Blood Flow Restriction correctly and safely as part of the the program. This isn’t broscience, this is actual science and it works!

The other aspect to the program is mobility and end range strength training. This is how we get your shoulders not just moving better but stronger through this new range. This means you’re more resistant to injury but also stronger when you hit that lock out overhead position you keep missing. We’ve used this program with countless of our own 1-on-1 athletes and now you can add it to your training.

Get healthy, improve mobility and crush plateaus with the Healthy Shoulder Plan.

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Course Details

Who Needs the Shoulder Plan?
  • You have shoulder pain
  • You struggle with overhead movements like snatch or pull ups
  • Have difficulty holding weight over your head
  • You get annoying, recurring shoulder pain
Course Structure

The Healthy Shoulder Plan is a 6 week shoulder training plan. Each week has 4 specific training sessions that incorporate mobility and strength work. Each training session will take you about 30 minutes to complete. This is designed to augment your current training, not replace it entirely. That means you get to keep doing what you enjoy in the gym while you go through the plan.

Course Materials

You can download this instantly in an easy to use PDF that you can use on your phone while at the gym. Every exercise programmed in the plan has it’s own HD quality video to describe exactly when you should be doing. With over 50 private videos, you’ll never have to wonder if you’re doing an exercise correctly.

Equipment Needed

Equipment used includes:
• Dumbbell/Small weight plate
• Kettlebell
• Gymnastics Rings or TRX straps
• Voodoo Band
• Small size and medium size JumpStretch or Rogue Superband or Theraband
• Lacrosse Ball or Tune Up Balls or Supernova or Gemini for self release techniques.


This course is currently taught in English.


“Two years ago I was doing bar muscle ups and felt a pop in my shoulder. The next day I couldn’t even raise my arm over my head. I did the traditional physical therapy and rested it. It got better but I still couldn’t do things like muscles ups, handstand push ups and overhead squats. I was referred to Dr. Matta by my CrossFit coach and he put me on the Healthy Shoulder Plan. Even in as short as 2 weeks I could feel how much better my shoulder felt. 4 weeks into it I was doing handstand push ups again. I’m not back to doing muscle ups with no pain and my overhead squat max has even gone up.”

~Bruce Hirsch, 48 year old CrossFit Athlete, Decatur Georgia

“I don’t feel like I’ve ever had strong shoulders and that was very apparent when I started doing CrossFit. My massage therapist sent me to see Dr. Matta because the pain on the back of my shoulder just wouldn’t go away. He put me on the Healthy Shoulder Program and it’s hard to believe how much better I feel hanging on a bar. I used to feel very unstable and almost like I couldn’t control my left shoulder. Now I feel very strong and I’ve even been able to do sets of up to 4 strict pull ups. Before that, I had never been able to do strict pull ups in my life. Highly recommend this to anyone dealing with shoulder issues and wanting to do CrossFit.”

~Paula Ellis, 36 year old CrossFit Athlete, Atlanta Georgia

“I hurt my shoulder trying to throw someone out at home base in my adult softball league. That was the day I realized I was getting old! It hurt bad enough that I had to go to the doctor a few days later and was diagnosed with a partial rotator cuff tear. I did physical therapy, dry needling, cupping and scraping. I would only get short term relief from whatever I did and definitely couldn’t play softball. My friend recommended I get in touch with Dr. Matta in Atlanta for a second opinion. We got on a skype call for an hour and after watching me go through some movements, he recommended I do the Healthy Shoulder Plan. I was very skeptical about the blood flow restriction work but within 2 weeks I was already feeling much stronger. By the end of the plan I was throwing again with hardly any pain. Definitely worth going through this plan if you have shoulder issues.”

~Gary Khleif, 32 year old Weekend Warrior, Knoxville Tennessee