Movement & Mobility 102: Coach's Course

Cost: $1099

Check out our upcoming courses below! Movement and Mobility 102: The M|WOD Coach’s Course expands and builds upon the principles of our Movement & Mobility 101 Course based on Dr. Kelly Starrett's system of resolving mechanically based musculoskeletal pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic movement and performance.

Coaches have the most access and insight into the movement competency and incomplete mechanics of their athletes and clients and are often the only person privy to their overuse aches and mechanically-based pain. Yet these coaches typically aren’t prepared or trained to manage movement restrictions and simple movement based pain problems. This creates a gap where the athlete or client either:

  • Ignores their movement restriction or dysfunction problem until it becomes so severe that they are forced to seek formal medical care, or
  • Stops the offending movement or activity hoping that the problem spontaneously resolves.

The M|WOD Coach’s Course aims to fill this gap in knowledge and experience. The movement and performance coach must become the first responder in helping an athlete or client understand a sound course of action regarding the resolution of movement based dysfunction. In order to provide cogent movement instruction towards continued athletic development, we need to more closely conjoin the stimulus for athletic physical adaption, the dynamic and ongoing movement diagnostic process, and the management of movement related problems at the point at which movement instruction is actually delivered, like the track, gym, court, or field. Only the working coach is adequately positioned to fill this need and complete the cycle of athletic performance and athlete care.

After years of teaching the foundations of The Starrett System, the overwhelming feedback from coaches and athletes has been a desire for more advanced instruction and application. The 102 Course is our answer and will provide coaches with systematic movement assessment as well as advanced techniques in mobilization, down-regulation, perfusion, and programming. The course is two full days, and includes a detailed Course Manual with background science, safety, and advanced programming.

The goal of our Movement & Mobility 101 Course is to make the invisible visible. The goal of this course is to make the invisible quantifiable. Attendees will learn a complete system of movement assessments for the spine, upper and lower body. Athletes and coaches looking for a deeper appreciation of the science of movement and how to improve it will learn how to see movement through the eyes of an advanced movement practitioner.

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Course Details

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding of the I3 Model
  • Proper Warm Up
  • Basic Understanding of Pain Science
  • Red Flags/Scope of Practice
  • Application of M|WOD Movement Assessment
  • Interpretation of M|WOD Movement Assessment and Incidents
  • Ability to Describe ROM & Joint Capsule “End Feel”
  • Understanding of Down Regulation/Desensitization/Tissue Perfusion
  • Application of Advanced M|WOD Mobilizations
  • Application/Understanding of Spinal Organization/Bracing
  • First Level/Initial Programming Approach for Incident Pattern Strategies
    • Certification - Movement and Mobility 101: M|WOD Specialist Course online


  • Certificate or proof of attendance at our prior in-person Movement and Mobility Seminar

This is a 2-day, in person course running from 8am-5pm unless otherwise noted.

Requirements for successful completion of course:
After attendance and verification of the two-day live in-person course, you must complete two multiple choice online tests. Test 1 must have a 100% pass rate and Test 2 must have an 80% pass rate.


This course is currently taught in English.

Recommended Supplemental Reading Material
  • Updated and Expanded Edition of Becoming A Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett
  • Updated and Expanded Edition of Becoming A Supple Leopard by Kelly StarrettLevel 2 Course Manual (provided upon enrollment)
Recommended Tools
  • Two lacrosse balls taped together or a MobilityWOD Gemini
  • A single lacrosse ball
  • A VooDoo Floss Band
  • A larger ball like a softball, MobilityWOD Supernova, or a rubber princess ball like you’d find at a drug store
  • A green jump stretch band or friend with a green jump stretch band (a bike tube will work in a pinch but we encourage you to have a proper band). We think the most universally useful band is the Green Rogue Monster Band.
  • A scraping tool
  • Paper and pen to take notes

Most of these items can be found at Rogue Fitness

Credentials & Requirements

A Mobility|WOD Movement & Mobility Specialist Certificate will be issued at the completion of the course.

To receive a M|WOD Coach’s Course Certification, one must:

  • Participate in all parts of the Movement & Mobility 102 Course.
  • Pass the online test within 7 days of completing the in-person 2-day seminar
Continuing Education Credits

We have been approved by the following organizations for continuing education credits:

APTA: @ 13 CEUs
ACE: CEP125759 @ 1.5 CEUs
ACSM: @ 10 CEUs
AFAA: provider #11,770 @ 15 CEUs
NASM: provider #4,045 @ 1.6 CEUs


"Covered all the material and showed us some great mobilizations to fix positions that I haven't seen on mwod yet. As a guy who doesn't work in a gym at the moment being able to see and feel the restrictions was really important. Also was really cool to see my own restrictions and begin to fix them with breath work and then mobilizations."

"This class was INCREDIBLE! I helped 6 athletes in our workplace gym get moving without pain today! There's nothing more gratifying than showing people a way to feel better and how to take care of it on their own. Thank you to the Mobility WOD family for your commitment to helping people live a pain-free life!"

"Loved the hands-on portion. The ability to talk through assessments and then get practice on other participants was on point. Exactly what I was looking for."

"The Movement & Mobility 101 & 102 courses are two of the best and most applicable courses I've ever taken. I use what I learned here to help my clients in the gym and my employees at the office too on a daily basis and they all think I'm a genius now because what I'm saying makes sense and is easy!"

"I really liked the course…in general it was just a great course. I highly recommend it for anybody - personal trainer, coach, gym teacher, even athletic trainers." ... see full video review here.

Group Discounts

We offer a deep discount to gyms that would like to certify their entire coaching staff. Email for details.