One of My All Time Best Shoulder Fixes. Seriously… Do This Yesterday. | Community Video

Hey MWodies,

Fortunately for you we are always messing around (experimenting) on our human guinea pigs (athletes) at the gym (lab).  This practice leads us to ever more complete ways of thinking, and even more elegant and efficient practices.  Today’s shoulder fix is one of these.  I love this mob because it ties together so many tissue systems in a single whack.  It catches the first rib, gets into the scalenes, catches the fascia, etc.  The test retest is insane.  This neck/shoulder junction creates a ton of problems like thoracic outlet issues, shoulder problems, shoulder pain, and downstream neural dynamic issues.  And it’s simple to do. Grab a super friend to help wind up your shoulder into the last ranges of rotation. Prepare to be mind blown.  Two minutes to freedom.

Here's another free video to improve shoulder mobility.

Here's another great way to mobilize your first rib. (must be an m|wod pro subscriber)



In this video: fix your shoulder pain, shoulder problems, tight shoulders and more.

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